Location monitoring

Increase employee safety and prevent accidents at work


Center for monitoring and security


SOS button on every mobile device

Information about the battery charge of each device

Real-time employee tracking on the enterprise plan

Transferring information from all mobile devices to a single center

Location monitoring


GPS location tracking in open spaces

Coverage of Bluetooth tags by control zones

Every employee has a mobile device with ASTER

Indoor positioning using Bluetooth tags

Early notification

Оперативное оповещение

Real-time incident notification

Transmitting the coordinates of the location of the duty shift personnel to the server

Sending information about the incident to e-mail

Ability to send messages to shift staff

Collecting events


Generating reports on work and rest modes

Tracking Bluetooth tags, mobile devices, and Wi-fi devices

Receive a detailed route of movement of personnel

Timely logging of events

Enjoy all the benefits of location control with ASTER

Безопасность работников

Improving the safety of labor activity

Предотвращение травм

Prevention of accidents and injuries at work


Constant monitoring of the movement of staff on duty


Automatic notification if employees are located in a dangerous area


Improving labor efficiency, labor discipline and quality of work


Getting detailed routing of an employee's movement


High accuracy of determining the coordinates of each employee


The final cost is formed depending on the number of projects

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